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A few things we are good at


We make your software flow easily  and effortlessly 

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First impression counts in business. We make your products attractive and desirable

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The applications breathe  life when they  transition and move  intuitively.  .

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Majority of buying decisions are emotional ones. We design with buying neurons in mind

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user experience design services

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user research

The best way to design great apps is by knowing and understanding the people. We get into, not just the shoes but  into the brains and hearts of our customers. The specialized we use comprise :


Keywords and metaphor elicitation: These extract not only the 'top of the mind' but also the 'hidden needs of customers


Moodboards, workshadows, empathy maps  : Understanding how the customers feel when interacting with existing and newly designed systems

work flows and task efficiency

work flows

We all use technology to accomplish tasks. This use makes us feel great when we are able to do the tasks correctly, with speed and in a way that is pleasing this. We focus on task correctness and efficiency first. Great task focus and productivity is achieved at designing by using the following:


Assistive technologies : We focus on wreckless reuse of proven interaction patterns. Our designs make engineers sweat so that our personas never have to.


Spectral Indicators : We keep user engaged throughout the process with lively status indicators. The user finds bearing and is never lost. They feels a sense of control

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branding and identity


In this highly crowded world, the service you offer may get commoditized. To create a business, your customers should be able to identify you in the crowd and pick you for the great sense of brand value you represent.


Brand identity or logo : Drawing on the deep study of personification (denotation) and deep but simple messaging (connotation) we craft meaningful logos


Brand color or theme :  We help choose right hue of color which is in sync with the brand positioning and help pick color which immediately helps brand recollection and identification. That color becomes the theme of the application and business

customer engagement and gamification

Engaging apps create billion dollar properties. Likes in facebook, followers/retweets on twitter, claps on medium all gamify engagement. The playfulness and disproportional rewards bring users back again and again. Micro interactions and notifications  hook the users on. They help build the blocks of further gamification. Based on Cue-Craving- Response- Reward. 


Multilevel or staging : Users progress from beginner to intermediate level to pro. Users get more engaged as they invest more efforts


Multiplayer collaboration to win. Team wins give more joy compared to  individual wins. We use this premise to make people work together, win together and celebrate together. This brings in virality and makes the customer acquisition a lot more frictionless

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work samples of 

100s of design artifacts across  our 10 best projects



We build highly meaningful logos by combining practices of denotation, connotation and metaphoric analysis. These can help your product stand out like Nike and Apple . Some examples below


tavr- trak
Cardiac surgery tech company


Digital products design company

Wicfy logo.jpg

hyperlocal shopping platform

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Read the logo story >

Read the logo story >


our offerings

we offer full lifecycle digital design services from user research to pixel perfect functional specification of products 

user research

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Our user research employs highly evolved techniques which comprise persona sketching, journey maps, empathy development, storyboards, work shadows, keywords and metaphor analysis, jobs to be done (JTBD), net promoter score, Chi square , SAP scenes, talk aloud testing, eye tracking etc.


about iSootra

a global ux ui digital design studio driven by accomplished, agile interaction designers, animators, graphic artists riding a robust design framework 

Arun Purohit

Arun Purohit

ux strategy,
information architecture,
usability, visual designs


Rupesh Pamaihgari

motion, animation, gamification, AR/VR, engagement 

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

aesthetics, iconography, graphics, color palette, typefaces 


case studies and projects

30 person years of project design across industries and domains.  We have designed applications for industries as diverse as aviation, heart care, logistics, pet care, military, public safety, AI and ML, banking, real estate and more   

Featured project

2.0  Home.png

A playstore inspired mixed scroll landing page designed to scale future services and offerings

the home page envisaged with mobile first design

1. airsewa 

 A consumer portal for Indian air travelers  to access air travel related information and interact with govt agencies to register grievance or suggestions


the process ( interfaces framework )

 Either every thing about design is arbitrary or nothing is. Interfaces 2.1 framework lies at the core of our design philosophy and forms the "i" in iSootra. It brings in a robust structure and discipline to the way we design things. 

The  time tested techniques, experiments and methods are applied fit the personas perfectly. It ensures consistent high quality design outputs which create delight 

Interfaces comprises 3 phases ( 1. Understanding users deeply 2.  Ideating without limits and 3. Detailing with precision These  3 stages contain 10  distinct design distillation gates). Combined together, they churn out best user observation, flow design and design validation methods. 


tool & techniques

 class leading tools

tool and techniques

An army is as good as its soldiers and the weapons . Our accomplished designers use class leading tools and techniques to craft and refine design.

1. Ideation and strategy : Pencil and paper  is the first tool we start with. Its used to generate a lot of design ideas. It unleashes creativity and helps us explore myriad possibilities 

2. Workflow and interaction design :  Balsamiq is our preferred tool of choice but we are equally adept at Figma, Adobe XD or Pencil. We craft fully interactive clickable prototypes to test design ideas. 

3. Graphics design, motion and animation:  For aesthetics, we trust the class leading tools Sketch/Figma. Occasionally, we have used  Protopie, IllustratorInvision studio , Framer  and JustInMind.

Voices of our customers



We were having certain ideas about how our app should look like but we were pleasantly shocked with how our app was thought off from consumer angle


Ravi Shetty, Neuro Surgeon

Neuro Metrix Inc

Support Group

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